Retail Recruitment

Attract new retail and increase your tax base with defined retail recruitment strategies.


Buxton’s Retail Recruitment solution gives community leaders access to the same market intelligence that retailers use to make site selection decisions. Using SCOUT, our proprietary web-based analytics platform, you can showcase retail potential to prospective new businesses and run reports to assist local businesses. We position your community for retail development success.


What will the Retail Recruitment solution do for me?

Effectively recruit new retail and restaurant concepts.

Our analysis digs deep to identify what factors make your community attractive to retailers using drive-time analysis, leakage and surplus analysis and other techniques. Buxton provides a list of 20 retailers whose customers match the profiles of your consumers.

Increase your tax base.

Increase sales and property tax revenue, and reduce retail leakage by keeping business transactions in your community.

Support your local businesses.

Retain and assist business owners by providing market intelligence to optimize merchandising and marketing.

Prepare marketing packages for targeted retailers.

Buxton prepares custom reports and introductory letters to inform retailers on your match list of the opportunities in your community. Your Buxton support team will be available to coach you throughout the recruitment process.

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