Make better decisions for growth with the click of a button. Leverage business market research.


SCOUT is a web-based application that allows you to fully leverage business market research so you can score sites as well as access and visualize location, market and customer information. It provides a centralized view of your customers and your growth strategies with just the click of a button whether you’re in the office or in the field.


What will the SCOUT solution do for me?

Find and open great new locations while avoiding expensive mistakes.

Only open new locations where there are large concentrations of your core customers. Utilizing your model, SCOUT visually displays the potential of a new site before you step foot in the market so you avoid opening expensive mistakes.

Infill existing markets.

Determine how many new locations you can open in a market without cannibalizing sales at the stores you already have in operation.

Know your customers and competitors better than they know themselves.

SCOUT lets you see where your customers are and where you can find more of them. It not only lets you instantaneously compile all relevant site location information, but also all relevant information on your competitors.

Study existing locations to spot opportunities for improvement.

Use the data and analytical reports deployed to SCOUT to study your existing location network. Identify opportunities to improve performance through operations, marketing, relocation and more.

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