Urban Solution

Neighborhood-level intelligence for urban site selection.


Urban migration from the suburbs to the city is well underway. In the city, your customer lives, shops, eats and plays in their neighborhood. Walking, biking and public transportation replace the car. With Buxton you can access true neighborhood and street level intelligence as you define your urban real estate strategy.


What will the Urban Solution solution do for me?

Understand who your best customer is, even in the densest metropolitan environments.

Buxton has identified, mapped, and researched more than 1,100 of the most densely populated urban areas in the U.S. This data, as well as public transportation and other key elements of urban living, are used to identify which neighborhoods will be most responsive to new store locations.

Determine the correlation between high traffic and high rent areas.

View potential locations not just by traffic flow, but also by where there are high concentrations of customers and potential customers.

Identify how far your best customer is willing to travel, whether that be in miles or city blocks.

The number of people within an “x-minute” drive-time radius has historically been one of the leading determinants of where retailers choose to locate in suburban markets. Buxton weighs other criteria, such as traffic patterns, proximity to other businesses and the locations of subway stations and bus stops, to better define the best locations for your particular concept.

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