Not Just Customer Analytics Software – Buxton is a Full Customer Analytics Platform!

The science of customer analytics was created in response to the surge of customer data captured every day.


Customer analytics refers to using data to understand customers at an individual consumer level. Any number of traits – such as lifestyles, purchasing history, and demographics – can be tracked and used to segment customers into distinct groups. It’s the process of analyzing and making sense of the flood of data that is accumulating every day from every possible consumer touch point.


Customer analytics solutions are often delivered through a customized technology platform that offers dashboards and/or reports.


Buxton’s approach to customer analytics combines your consumer data with our own household-level data to build solutions that produce actionable insights.


Our customer analytic solutions determine who your best customers are, where more of them can be found and the value potential those customers have – either in terms of dollars or visits. From there, retailers, restaurants and healthcare organizations can make better business decisions regarding real estate, marketing and operations. 

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