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Everything we do at Buxton, we do together. Our success comes from our ability to rally behind one another to innovate, experiment, and get things done. We're constantly improving and working to enhance our products, our business, and more importantly, ourselves.

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A culture of excellence.

We don't just expect you to be great at Buxton. We expect you to be excellent. That means that every day you come to work and you push yourself to be better. Good is not good enough. Our clients and our employees expect us to deliver the best products, services, and results.

The only way we're going to be great is by hiring great people. And that's where you come in. Do you have a passion to create great things? Are you attracted to others that excel and push you? Do you never settle for good? If so, Buxton might just be the place for you.

There is no such thing as a great company. Just great people. TOM BUXTONCEO & FOUNDER
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I will deliver “WOW” through service.

We believe that anything worth doing is worth doing right, every single time. Companywide, our team members work tirelessly to get our clients to that “AHA!” moment. Every new employee is trained not only in their role in the company, but also how other departments succeed as a leader in our industry.


At Buxton, every employee has a place on the team. We aim to create an exciting and warm environment where every opinion and idea is valued. Our open-office environment makes it seamless to collaborate and build meaningful relationships with anyone, regardless of tenure or title.

Be involved.

We encourage all team members to collaborate at every level. No matter what phase of a project our employees support, we stay involved, creating the best experience for our clients along the way. We are eager to learn and welcome insights from new team members with a fresh perspective.

Honest & clear communication.

We set the bar for open and honest communication. Communication is the foundation of everything we do at Buxton, which is why we strive for the highest standard of clarity and honesty when working with our teams internally and externally. We offer a place for people of all backgrounds, but one thing that remains constant is our unwavering ability to communicate honestly and effectively.

Be passionate.

At Buxton, we are passionate about helping our clients succeed and grow their business. Knowing we are making a positive impact toward our clients’ success each and every day makes it easy for us to take pride in everything we produce. We look for those who have a fire within them to inspire change and make a difference on our journey to supporting our clients.

Be humble.

At Buxton, we believe being humble means never thinking you are more important or impactful than anyone else. Everyone’s ideas and mind are on the same playing field. Regardless of educational background or time at the company, you will always be treated as an asset to us. We act as one unit with the same goals.

Make a difference.

Team members of Buxton make a difference to those around them every day. Whether that be going the extra mile on a project, taking time out of their day to make someone else’s a little brighter, or finding opportunities to support the communities we live and work.

Pursue growth & learning.

We are the leader in customer analytics and are always looking for ways to innovate. We encourage our employees to seek new opportunities for growth and learning in our industry, about our clients and about each other.


Mutual trust and understanding is what keeps us going strong. You will be treated with respect when you’re a team member at Buxton, and we expect nothing less in return.


"Work Hard, Play Hard!" Our teams give their full potential to deliver amazing results to our clients. But we also know when it’s time to take a break and have some fun. We offer monthly happy hours, employee appreciation festivities and volunteer events to help foster friendships between our team members. Expect to make friends at Buxton.


Cook Childrens's

Cook Children's

Every year, we have the privilege of working with dedicated volunteers from Buxton to make our annual back-to-school event monumental for families. This year, Buxton helped more than 75 children be prepared for the new school year! We sincerely hope to continue this tradition of giving for years to come.
Jillian Mitchell
Community Program Coordinator,
Cook Children’s Medical Center
No Kid Hungry

No Kid Hungry

When I put on my first bake sale for No Kid Hungry, my coworkers and the entire company helped contribute more than $1,400. The first sale was so successful that No Kid Hungry asked us to have another sale and we managed to raise even more money the second time! After two sales, we contributed more than $3,200 to help connect hungry families with resources to get the food they need!
Erin Jordan
Predictive Analyst, Buxton

Buxton supports numerous organizations in the Fort Worth community through various volunteer events.

Tarrant Area Food Bank
Safe Haven
Carter Blood Care
Trinity Habitat for Humanity
Presbyterian Night Shelter
No Kid Hungry
Cook Children's
Buxton gives me the opportunity to build great client relationships. - RYAN REDUS Account Management
Corporate culture here is awesome! Buxton is always doing things for its employees. - JEFF BURSEY Software Development
Innovation and improvement are in everyone's hands, regardless of title or tenure. - JENIFER SONNTAG Predictive Analytics
Our work has influenced the decision making of thousands of clients around the country. - WES ABEL Predictive Analytics
The amazing people and work hard, play hard mentality is what makes Buxton a great place to be. - KRISTIN FLYNN Administration
I enjoy walking in with a schedule that feels nothing like the previous day. My job always keeps me on my toes! - JADE ARKINS Account Management
This company goes to great lengths to show employees how valued and appreciated their hard work and diligent efforts truly are. - MELANIE PIERCE Administration
We get to develop creative solutions to difficult problems, using the newest technologies. Everyone here is dedicated to delivering the best product possible. - EMERY BARNES Software Development
I love coming into work each day to tackle new challenges and I get to work with some of the smartest people in the industry! - KELSEY MAURER Marketing


Ft. Worth, TX

Our home of Fort Worth is the perfect fit for Buxton and our team. The spirit of our team and our company is built on a hard working Texas foundation. We're pioneers in the industry, just like the pioneers of the West.

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