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Healthcare Industry

We understand your patients, do you?

Discover the power of knowing your patients inside out—their preferences, behaviors, and healthcare choices. Buxton equips you with invaluable insights into patient behavior, enabling you to enhance patient satisfaction, retention, and attract more individuals who can benefit from your exceptional care.


Loved by Top Healthcare Brands

CityMD Urgent Care works with Buxton
Octapharma Plasma works with Buxton
AdventHealth works with Buxton
Xpress Wellness Urgent Care works with Buxton
Medstar Health Alt works with Buxton

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Know Your Competitors

Stay ahead in the healthcare arena.

By gaining profound insights into the patients of your competitors, you can take strategic actions that truly matter, helping you gain a stronger foothold in the healthcare market.


Understand Market Share

Unlock potential.

Whether you’re a specialty health brand looking to expand your network, or a health system looking to optimize your facility portfolio and add additional services, Buxton can help you unlock your potential.

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