Location Intelligence Software

Maximize Your Location Investment

Optimize your brick-and-mortar strategy with Buxton's Location Intelligence Solutions. Make informed site selection decisions and refine your real estate portfolio for unmatched growth.

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Site Selection Analysis

Open Home Run Locations

Boost confidence in your site selection decisions. Open home run locations and avoid expensive mistakes with Buxton’s site selection analysis tools.

Portfolio Audit

Improve Location Performance

Identify where to invest resources to maximize return by understanding the underlying factors influencing location performance.

Mapping and Reporting

Study Markets with Ease

Create maps and powerful reports using Buxton’s demographic, consumer lifestyle, boundary, points of interest, and business location datasets. Upload your own locations, territories, and pushpin data to illustrate market dynamics and study consumers in any geographic area.

Market Optimization Analysis

Prioritize and Optimize Markets

Deploy capital more efficiently by prioritizing markets and identifying how many locations each market can support in different scenarios.

Use Intelligence to Drive Every Touch
“Developing the profile of our most profitable customer puts us in a position to listen and learn what facts will increase value for the customer.”
“We need to move fast and we need numbers we can trust. Buxton always delivers. I’m honestly not sure how we did this before working with them.”