How Buxton Brings Teams Together for Growth

Discover Strength works with Buxton across departments to support franchise development and marketing.

Scott Breimhorst, vice president of franchise development at Discover Strength, and Hannah Johnson, vice president of sales and marketing at Discover Strength, use Buxton to focus on growth nationwide. Using the Buxton Platform across the company allows the Discover Strength team to be aligned in their objective to grow. The partnership has made Buxton a household name in their office and helped everyone be on the same page at Discover Strength.

I'm Hannah Johnson. I'm the VP of sales and marketing with Discover Strength.

And I'm Scott Breimhorst. I'm the VP for franchise development for Discover Strength, and Discover Strength is here too.

We cater to the busy professional. Discover Strength offers thirty-minute strength workouts twice per week with an expert trainer. We help our customers look and feel their best in a fraction of the time.

The benefit of using Buxton across all of our departments is that it keeps us all aligned on our main objective of trying to grow. If we're all aligned on where we should go and who we should target and we have data to back up all of those decisions, we're going to grow together as an entire system.

I'd only add in that clarity exists because Buxton is commonly used across all of the departments.

Buxton is kind of a household name in our office. It's one of those words like Xerox, that you use in place of data and, a guiding principle that says, we have this great technology, this great resource to help us make great decisions overall. Everybody understands it. Most of us in our departments have our hands actually on it. Being kind of on a common platform like that versus maybe disparate platforms helps us all be on the same page.

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