Marketing Intelligence Solutions

Take Data-Driven Marketing to the Next Level

Enhance the efficiency and effectiveness of your marketing campaigns with Buxton’s marketing intelligence solutions. Use powerful insights to gain a full picture of your customer and power your target audiences, key channels, best offers, and more.

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Research and Insights
Data-Powered Campaigns
One-to-One Personalization

How Clients Power Their Campaigns with Buxton's Marketing Intelligence

5% Lift

A restaurant chain used their location optimization report to identify where to launch local radio ads and gained a 5% lift at poor performing stores.

19x ROI

Popular fitness brand franchisee used their model to identify who, where, and how to target their core customers with a direct response marketing campaign, achieving a 19x return on their Buxton investment.

90% Retention

A plasma collection company worked with Buxton to identify prospects with potential to be repeat donors and increased donor retention rate to nearly 90%.
Target Audience Reports

Customer Insights Made Easy

Start your campaign plan the best way - with target audience intelligence. We do the research for you and deliver customer insights without requiring any of your data or resources. Provide your organization with easy and accurate consumer analysis on who your customers are, which customer segments are most loyal, and your customers' media preferences.
Propensity Scoring

Find Your Best Customers

Buxton has been perfecting the science of predictive scoring since 1994. Propensity scoring combines the strength of your first party data with the Buxton intelligence ecosystem powered by AI to analyze your database. We find customers who have high propensity to spend more so you can execute focused marketing campaigns with personalized offers.
E-Commerce Conversion Tracking

Track Every Conversion

Server-side tracking enables D2C brands to capture 100% of conversions and deliver them to the most popular destinations including Meta, TikTok, Google Ads, GA4, and 40+ channels. That’s only the first step; with session enrichment, you can recognize more returning users without relying on cookies.
Custom Marketing Analytics & Services

Extend Your Marketing Team

Custom marketing services give you more ways to target your core customers. From custom models to campaign execution, we can help reach your customers with the right message and channels.

Use Intelligence to Drive Every Touch
“Developing the profile of our most profitable customer puts us in a position to listen and learn what facts will increase value for the customer.”
“We need to move fast and we need numbers we can trust. Buxton always delivers. I’m honestly not sure how we did this before working with them.”