Do you know who your customers are? Buxton Does.

We help thousands of companies across a variety of industries understand who their customers are, where everyone who looks just like them are located, and the value of each potential customer.


We enable you to make the best real estate, marketing, and operations decisions possible, by giving you the answers you need to grow.

Profile your customers

How do I understand who my best customers are?

Create a better relationship with your customers by understanding who they are, how they live their lives, where they’re located, and how to talk to them through targeted messaging.

Add new locations

How do I open new locations with confidence?

Make the right real estate investments by scoring the potential of any new site to open home run locations and avoid costly mistakes.

Improve same store sales

How do I improve performance at my existing portfolio of locations?

Increase the value of existing locations by comparing actual revenue to forecasted revenue, pinpointing the opportunities to focus capital and resources for the highest ROI.

Market Expansion

How do I know which markets to expand to next?

Prioritize markets for expansion and identify how many locations you can have in each market, and exactly where those new locations should be.

Improve Customer Acquisition Strategies

How do I improve my marketing ROI and increase my customer base?

Increase ROI through improved targeting to the right customers for customer acquisition and retention campaigns.

Omnichannel analysis

How do I maximize in-store performance and grow revenue online?

Get an in-depth look at your cross-channel efforts to understand how they interact and affect your bottom line.

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Scientifically identify, attract, and retain your most profitable customers.

Learn About Customer Analytics

Technology built for you.

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Everything you need to make fact-based decisions that help you grow.

We deliver the answers you need through the Buxton Analytics Platform. We work with you to build your predictive analytics model, you interact with it through our SCOUT technology. We can also provide you custom reports and advanced tools that allow you to dig deeper.

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Buxton LSMx user analyzes local demographics on mobile device

Prospect new customers and increase sales with Local Store Marketing.

LSMx uses your customer profile to show you where to find new customers and then easily target those customers through Facebook, email, direct mail, banner ads and Google Search. This is how you drive additional traffic and grow comp store sales.

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