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Marriott Partners with Buxton to Identify Markets and Focus

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Rich Powers develops provider networks with Buxton

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Mercy - Shortened

“With Buxton we were able to develop a long-term strategy for growth, placing multi-specialty clinics and primary care clinics throughout our markets.”

Marriott Approved - Shortened

"Buxton's analytics and their approach to business gives us a lot of confidence to recommend them to many different people."

Jason’s Deli - Shortened

“Developing the profile of our most profitable customer puts us in a position to listen and learn what facts will increase value for the customer.”

Orangtheory Fitness - Shortened

"Buxton has helped fuel growth with our franchisees as they feel they’re more confident based on the data we received.”

Temecula, Ca

“Buxton was the exact thing we needed. They're innovative, they’re fresh in their ideas and the way they present their data. They pushed us to the next level."

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