Optimization Analysis

Improve Existing Location Performance

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Get more out of your existing brick-and-mortar locations

Maximize the return on every brick-and-mortar location in your network

Optimize resource allocation by pinpointing the locations that will benefit from further investment

Rally your teams around a common understanding of your customer base to turn around performance

Customer Persona Insights

Use customer insights to design strategies to improve performance

Brick-and-mortar is a critical channel for many B2C organizations. The challenge facing management teams is how to maximize the return on that channel investment. Use Buxton’s location-level customer persona insights to understand which customer types are in the immediate trade area of a location, their preferred marketing channels, and more, so you can design customer-centric strategies to maximize performance.

  • Create customer-centric strategies in marketing, merchandising, and more using insights from Buxton’s customer personas
  • Arm your marketing team with in-depth customer insights to optimize store-level marketing campaigns
  • Inform troubleshooting conversations with local operators using customer and trade area insights
  • Illustrate the consumer dynamics around each location by mapping households that match your personas in Buxton’s mapping and reporting tool

Performance Benchmarking

Benchmark current portfolio performance

Buxton’s portfolio audit provides insights into how your brick-and-mortar locations are performing and where further investment is likely to yield results to fuel your decision making. We use your Buxton site score model to score your current locations and then compare the score to actual performance to look for gaps. The auditing process groups your locations into four segments so you can quickly prioritize where to invest your time and resources.

  • Identify locations that aren’t meeting their potential so you can get them back on track
  • Spot poor-performing locations without much upside potential to find candidates for closure or relocation
  • Use unbiased, third-party analytics to guide conversations with operations teams

Alternative Options for Healthcare

Optimize service line mix with a facility assessment

Healthcare organizations who have subscribed to Buxton’s industry models may opt for a specialized audit that assesses the potential to add new service lines to current facilities. Know the optimal service line mix for each facility.

Buxton Intelligence

The Power Behind Our Location Optimization Solutions

Location optimization analysis is powered by Buxton’s unique blend of data, analytics, and AI backed by our 30 years of analytics expertise. Harness our intelligence to maximize the performance of your brick-and-mortar locations.

  • Buxton Data Matrix
  • Buxton Analytics
  • Buxton AI

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"In doing the optimization piece, we’re able to understand which stores should be relocated, which stores should be closed and then where can we add new stores to see the tide waters of that market grow even more."