Turn Personas Into Customers with Next-Level Scoring

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This isn’t the propensity scoring
you think you know

Increase the effectiveness of channels like email, SMS, and direct mail by enriching your database with powerful lookalike scores.

Maximize your marketing budget by targeting prospects with a higher propensity to purchase.

Drive higher customer lifetime value by targeting existing customers ready to spend more.

Smart Targeting

Know the best contacts to target for increased revenue

Traditional lead scoring gives you only half the picture. Import your customer data and fuel it with Buxton Intelligence, which is derived from robust datasets, three decades of analytics experience, and the power of AI. The result? Smarter targeting to maximize your budgets.

  • Make your budget go further by defining high-potential campaign audiences
  • Avoid the pitfalls of cookie-cutter, ineffective lead scoring systems
  • Save your team time on internal list segmentation

Customer Scores

Identify current customers with untapped spending potential

Which of your current customers have the potential to become a top spender? Find untapped potential of those in your customer database who are ready to spend more with you.

  • Grow customer lifetime value by focusing on customers with the highest potential
  • Maximize your promotions by making your best offers to your highest-potential customers
  • Refine digital ad audiences by feeding platforms with lists of high propensity customers

Lead Scores

Identify prospects in your database with the highest likelihood to convert

As a marketer, you don’t just want to get more customers. You want to get more of the BEST customers. Our scores help you convert more of the prospects in your database who most align with your best customer profile.

  • Focus your customer acquisition campaigns to make dollars stretch further
  • Know which leads to nurture with tempting promotional offers
  • Refine digital ad audiences by feeding platforms with lists of high propensity leads

Buxton Prospecting Subscriptions

Fill your funnel with high-potential prospective customers

Let Buxton identify audiences in your target geographies that match your best customer profile. Our prospecting solution provides you with leads so you can fill your funnel with contacts that have a higher likelihood to convert…and stay.

  • Reach new audiences and increase customer acquisition
  • Refine digital ad audiences by feeding platforms with lists of high propensity leads

Buxton Intelligence

The power behind our propensity scoring solutions

Propensity score models are powered by Buxton Intelligence, our unique blend of data, analytics, and AI backed by our 30 years of analytics expertise. Harness our intelligence to answer your most important marketing and location questions.

  • Buxton Analytics
  • Buxton AI
  • Buxton Data Matrix

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Customer Retention
Customer Story

A franchisee for a popular fitness franchise generated ROI of more than $19 for every $1 invested with Buxton and grew customer retention by 36% using our marketing intelligence solutions.

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