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Increase campaign ROI and drive e-commerce revenue by capturing more data

Get accurate channel reporting in GA4 and make decisions confidently

Send complete conversion data to advertising channels; improve targeting and optimize ad campaigns for reduced CPMs

Identify more browse and cart abandons and immediately increase the performance of your SMS and email campaigns

Enrich Events

Enrich Each Event With the Most Complete User, Session, Product, and Order Data

Client-side tracking has a short shelf life (1-7 days), resulting in incorrect attribution, 10-30% conversion data loss, and lower ROAS.

Elevar’s server-side tracking recognizes returning users for up to one year and builds a unique user ID. This results in accurate attribution, 100% conversion accuracy, and higher ROAS.

Improve Retargeting

Improve Your Retargeting by Capturing More Data

Without accurate e-commerce conversion data, it’s impossible to truly optimize your marketing and customer engagement strategies. Elevar uses server-side tracking to capture 100% of conversion events in real-time so you have the best possible data to optimize retargeting campaigns.

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Ogee boosted Klaviyo’s abandoned browse and abandoned cart revenue by an additional 25% using Elevar.

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