Optimization Analysis

Prioritize and Optimize Markets for Brick-and-Mortar Locations

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Enter and infill markets with confidence

Know your company’s location growth potential

Optimize your presence in current and potential markets

Save time with instant access to multiple scenarios

Define your optimal franchise territories

Whitespace Analysis

Quantify your company’s location growth potential

Optimizer – Buxton’s market optimization analysis – tells you exactly how many locations each market can support so you know your company’s total runway. Guide strategic planning and cite credible third-party analysis in investor briefings.

  • Know the optimal location count for your brand to guide growth planning
  • Identify which markets present the best opportunities for expansion
  • Find whitespace and infill opportunities for growth

Trade Area Recommendations

Zero in on recommended areas

We don’t just tell you how many locations you can have; we also tell you where to put those locations for optimal results. See recommended areas on a map to guide the hunt for real estate.

  • Streamline the real estate search with an inventory of top potential areas 
  • Optimize your capital investments for higher ROI on each new location
  • Share a visual representation of your growth roadmap with stakeholders

Flexible Growth Scenarios

Explore scenarios to see how recommendations change

Your brand may be taking an aggressive approach to growth today, but what if market conditions prompt a shift to a more conservative strategy? With multiple Optimizer scenarios, you can toggle between different thresholds to see instantly how the roadmap shifts.

  • Enhance confidence in strategic decisions by evaluating multiple scenarios first
  • Evaluate how performance assumptions impact recommendations
  • Pick the growth path that is best for your company  

Territory Optimization

Know your optimal territory configuration

Whether you’re a services-based company looking to expand in new markets or a franchised business wanting to expand your network, how do you identify which markets present the best opportunities and the number of territories each market can support? Buxton’s territory optimization analysis can help you define the ideal territory layout to efficiently deploy your services or support franchise growth in each of your current and planned markets.

  • Define your inventory of top potential territories to maximize market reach
  • Avoid underselling markets and optimize your franchise sales
  • Ensure proper coverage for your services

Alternative Options for Healthcare

Explore hotspots for healthcare services

Healthcare clients who subscribe to our healthcare industry models can choose to leverage our pre-defined healthcare industry hotspots. See hotspots of opportunity for specific healthcare service lines and facility types in any U.S. market.

Buxton Intelligence

The Power Behind Our Solutions

Market optimization analyses are powered by Buxton’s unique blend of data, analytics, and AI backed by our 30 years of analytics expertise. Harness our intelligence to answer your most important marketing and location questions.

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  • Buxton Analytics
  • Buxton AI

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