CityMD Experiences Rapid Growth with the Help of Analytics

CityMD chose Buxton as their partner to identify growth opportunities.

CityMD Co-Founder and Chief Growth Officer Nedal Shami talks about the importance of using data and analytics to truly understand the provider's patients as consumers and guide the company's growth. Based in Manhattan, this urgent care provider has grown from an initial four practices in 2010 to an estimated 115 by the end of 2018. They credit their consumer-focused site selection strategy with increasing AUV for new sites.

Hi, my name is Nedal Shami. I’m a co-founder here at CityMD and Chief Growth Officer. We’re a healthcare company founded by doctors, run by doctors, and we very much see ourselves as a consumer-centric, consumer-oriented retail healthcare brand. CityMD is about meeting the customer where he or she is. Build around the customer, not around, you know, your ideas of how you want to practice medicine, and we believe strongly that consumers deserve the level of service they were experiencing in other sectors in healthcare. Buxton, as a partner, was instrumental in helping us reevaluate the entire market - who’s the competition, what’s the competitive landscape look like, where is our customer, right, and how well are we choosing sites? Initially we just started with, “Okay, this site looks right,” and for us, that level of detail - understanding who your customer is - is an integral part of validating some of our assumptions, and really discover new ones that we weren’t fully aware of, and we can use the tool today to really go to confidence to our steering committees and our boards and say, “This is our growth strategy. This is our plan, and here’s the data to support it.” There are a lot of platforms out there, but a platform that bring partnership, which is dynamic, and adapt with your company; if you’re looking for a partner, you choose Buxton.

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