How does it work?

We first need to understand your business objectives, and then we can start applying data to get you the answers you need.

First we need to understand your business objectives, then we can start analyzing data to get the answers you need. Even though every client we work with has their own set of unique challenges and goals, we've learned that a foundational process consistently provides the best results. Our process is unique in that it allows for creativity while maintaining the predictability the process provides.

1 Discovery To find the answers you need, we need to uncover the questions.

  • We get to know you.
  • We learn your objectives.
  • We gather your data.
2 Integration We standardize your data, add additional data sets, and begin analyzing.
  • We clean your data.
  • We integrate relevant data.
  • We learn what has occured.
3 Development Together we develop a set of hypotheses to test with data.
  • We build customer profiles.
  • We explore and analyze together.
  • We generate variables.
  • We test predictive power.
4 Application We put this data to work! You get real, actionable insights.
  • We build and publish the model.
  • We provide insights.
  • We recalibrate.

A story told with data.


More than just demographics.

Data about our browsing and buying patterns is everywhere – from credit card transactions and online shopping carts, to customer loyalty programs and user-generated reviews.



Demographics are just the beginning. They include basic household data such as gender, age, income, and ethnicity. While these are important characteristics, they don’t tell the whole story.



Psychographics allow us to realize that Steve and Jim are real people. They live next to each other and are demographically identical. When we see psychographic data about their lifestyles, behaviors, and purchasing history, we realize they are dramatically different.


Steve is your real customer.

With customer analytics, you truly know who your customers are. You can confidently target your marketing to people who will turn into real customers.


Find more Steves.

Now that we've identified Steve as your true customer, we can begin to target other potential customers or concentrations of customers that look just like him. That's the power of customer analytics.

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