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Understanding customer potential today establishes the baseline for growth tomorrow.


Identify new location opportunities faster and optimize current locations with data.


Maximize your network's footprint by optimizing locations, planning new locations, and minimizing cannibalization.


We purchase, clean, and combine 600+ data sets with your data in a SOC II secure environment.


Trusted by thousands of brands to credibly score millions of sites each year.


Whether you have one store or thousands, get the answer you need in one fast, powerful, and easy-to-use platform.

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Take the Guesswork Out of Growth

Know what drives your business...don’t guess. Understand the who, where, and value prop of your customers. Analyze all of the factors that influence performance, including competition, co-tenancy, market factors, and cannibalization.

Know Your Competitors

With real-time data, you can understand your competition better than ever. See your competitors’ customer base, who those customers are, and where they are coming from.

Understand Day-part, Dine-in, and Delivery

Know who, when, and how your customers visit you to create operational efficiencies.

Execute Faster

An optimized growth strategy allows you to execute quickly to open more stores in a shorter amount of time


How One Restaurant is Getting a Bigger Slice of the Pie


Optimize Your Location Portfolio for Faster Recovery


Defining the Restaurant of the Future

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