Late Night Demand Insights

Determine if adding late night hours will be beneficial and potentially increase sales at your restaurant and retail locations.


Buxton’s Late Night Demand Insights help you identify exactly where late night demand is the strongest. Using that knowledge, you can select test markets and locations to prove your strategy before making the full operational investment. Best of all, these insights give you rapid answers without the use of your internal data resources.


What will the Late Night Demand Insights solution do for me?

Visualize the data on a dynamic platform.

See exactly where late night demand is strongest in order to identify opportunities to grow revenue.

Get rapid answers.

Since the product utilizes Buxton internal data resources, no additional data is required to glean insights to shape your strategy.

Test your late night operations strategy.

Pre-approve your late night strategy prior to rolling out network-wide. By testing your late night operations strategy at select sites, you will avoid unnecessary operating hour adjustments.

Gain valuable insights.

Discover nationwide insights at the block group level.

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