Put Customers at the Center of Your Strategy

  • Acquire more customers that look like your best customers
  • Retain and grow your existing customers
  • Move before your competitors do
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Meet the Platform

Make smarter, data-driven decisions to grow and retain your customer base.


Make customer-centric decisions with on-demand customer intelligence.


Access fast, powerful insights to guide your strategy.


Configure the platform to your needs by selecting your package and add-on enhancements.

Find Your Fit

The Buxton Platform is home to a growing collection of SaaS applications designed to help you make the moves that win market share. Our packages grow with you so you can select the option that meets your needs.

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Know the Moves That Matter

Know which marketing moves matter to help my business win

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Buxton Alert report map of U.S. with locations that need marketing support along with sample local store marketing plan
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Study Markets With Ease

See where different types of consumers are and get to know markets

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Buxton SCOUT map illustrating customer households, store trade areas, and competitor trade areas.
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Answer Bigger Questions

Answer big picture questions about my locations and markets

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Portion of IQ query illustrating how to search for markets with specific customer demographics.
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Analyze Your Real Estate Puzzle

Break down site selection decisions into factors that matter

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Illustration of the major components included in a Factor retail edition site analysis.

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