Site Scoring

Compare retail sites to generate instant, easy-to-understand scorecards.

  • View grades for the most common factors that indicate performance potential: overall assessment, customer potential, retail traffic, competition, and area draw
  • Access additional metrics not factored into the scorecard that can inform on the opportunity
  • Generate scorecards using multiple models simultaneously to assess which brand is best for a site

Market Optimization

Identify a brand’s location growth potential within a DMA or custom territory.

  • Control the customer overlap and site score thresholds used in the analysis
  • View the total number of possible sites, the total number of recommended new sites, and the number of current sites
  • Visualize the geographic trade areas for recommended new sites

Factor Customization

Customize your site scoring experience.

  • Access Buxton’s full library of automated site score models
  • Customize a model by adjusting variables, variable weights, and comparable site benchmark sets
  • If desired, integrate with Buxton’s SCOUT application to initiate site scores from a single application