Mobile Data Analytics Solutions

Use mobile consumer behavior data from mobile devices and auto GPS signals to understand your customers, competitors, shopping centers, and markets.


Buxton’s Mobile Data Analytics solution leverages the most robust consumer GPS device database to track billions of consumers’ routes through 175 million smartphones and other devices. This solution will identify, analyze, and visualize your customers, competitors, and markets like never before.


What will the Mobile Data Analytics Solutions solution do for me?

Change the way you think about your customers.

Understand your customers and their behaviors in each market and trade area by analyzing their routes and destinations with mobile consumer behavior data.

Stay ahead of your competition.

Utilizing mobile consumer data, you are able to evaluate your competitors’ customers and locations, as well as improve your strategies to compete.

Identify top performing shopping centers and locations for your concept.

Through this mobile analysis, understand which shopping centers have the greatest volume of the right types of customers for you. Pinpoint top performing retail and restaurant concepts and specific locations in each market.

Truly see traffic counts.

Evaluate and understand road traffic by day and week part and its impact to your performance and potential sites.

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