Scenario Scoring

Multiple openings? Relocations? Evaluate various scenarios with Buxton’s Scenario Scoring tool for restaurants.


What is it?

Scenario Scoring is a SCOUT-based tool that allows restaurant brands to use their sales forecasting models to understand the net effect of simultaneous restaurant openings or relocations. By scoring up to 10 locations per scenario, you can test different market planning options to identify the best strategy.

What will the Scenario Scoring tool do for me?

See a more complete picture of network dynamics.

While single site scoring allows you to understand how a new site interacts with existing sites, Scenario Scoring allows you to evaluate the impact of changing up to 10 sites simultaneously. The result is a more complete view of what will happen when multiple network changes occur.

Identify which new restaurants should be opened first.

If you plan to open two of an eventual five new restaurants in a market, which locations should you open first? Score different combinations of restaurant openings to identify the best net contribution and maximize cash flows to fund future openings.

Understand how relocations affect performance.

As trade areas shift over time, you may need to relocate certain restaurants to maximize performance. Use the Scenario Scoring tool to understand how network performance changes as you reposition your restaurants, including the effect on both existing locations and planned future locations.

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