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CityMD Urgent Care
“CityMD, as a healthcare company, has a plethora of data that is really difficult to sort through. What matters? What doesn't matter? Buxton as a partner was instrumental in helping us not only sort through our internal data, but also bringing us external data points to help both validate some of our assumptions and discover new ones that we weren't fully aware of.”
Temecula, CA
“I think Buxton was the exact thing that we needed. They are innovative, they’re fresh in their ideas and the way they present their data, and it was what we needed to push us to that next level. ”
“I appreciate Buxton’s willingness to tailor a package that works for us and our current stage of business development.”
Red Wing Shoes
“We wanted to understand our targeted consumers’ behavioral traits – where they live, where they work, where they shop. That triad of information, we felt, would change how we choose our sites.”
McAllen, TX
“Now, with Buxton’s scientific approach, we have numbers, demographics and data that backs up why this retailer is a good match for McAllen and why they need to be in our city.”
At Home
“We continue to be better on the analytical side. We're on the third generation of our Buxton model…we’re investing in said model. As we've done that, we've seen stronger performance as the new store opens up.”
Porterville, CA
“It was eye-opening to see who we really were as a community.”
North Richland Hills, TX
“We utilize SCOUT almost daily as we look at retailers, not only for recruitment, but also for retention.”
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CityMD Experiences Rapid Growth with the Help of Analytics

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Rich Powers Develops Provider Businesses and Medicare Advantage Plans with Buxton

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Red Wing Shoes selects new sites using Buxton.

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