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4,988 visits 2,953 visits August: 2020 – July 2021 VISITS VOLUME -3,293,843 Taco Bell (1234 Main St, Ft Worth…) -12% 1,654,365 Taco Bell (4312 Westbend Rd, F…) +9% Visits Volume Trend YEAR OVER YEAR VISITS
Quickly discover traffic volumes for retail locations
Walmart Texas Target Texas Add Location
Understand brand-level traffic trends, including location-level rankings
Visitor Journey 3.2% 3456 Second Street, Fort Worth, TX, 73020 #5 Home Depot (1234 Main Street, F…) Taco Bell This is the journey visitors take before visiting Taco Bell 1234 Main Street across all categories.
Learn where visitors go before their visit
(4312 Westbend…) Taco Bell Visitor Origination RANK: 4 VISITORS: 11.48% 75067 Zip Code
Know the ZIP codes and cities where visitors reside
Lookalike Households Actual Visitors Home Work Taco Bell 4979 Booth Avenue, Fort Worth, Texas 90512 Taco Bell 1234 Main Street, Fort Worth TX 76092 Add Location Taco Bell 4979 Booth Avenue, Fort Worth, Texas 90512 3,560 (5%) Visitors LOW HIGH VISITS RANK (est.) VISITS PER VISITOR (est.) VISITORS (est.) VISITS (est.) LOCATIONS (1234 Main Street, Fort Wort…) Taco Bell 83.78K 73.02K 1.15 #1,877 of 5,624 (4979 Booth Avenue, Fort W…) Taco Bell 153.51K 86.77K 1.77 #103 of 5,624 Volume Comparison
Compare up to eight locations or brands

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