Freight Truck Mobility & Automotive Ownership Insights

Discover a new world of answers to countless industry questions with Buxton’s freight truck mobility and automotive ownership insights. Understand the traffic flow of commercial trucks and identify auto owner patterns in your target market with our easy to use platform. Buxton makes it easy to find the answers you need to make decisions you trust.

Freight Truck
Mobility Insights


Businesses that serve the freight industry need to understand one crucial thing: where their commercial truck customers are located. Buxton’s freight truck mobility insights show you where there are large concentrations of commercial trucks, as well as movement patterns. Identify where trucks commonly stop, and which roadways and road segments see the most traffic.

How It Works

We’ve indexed freight truck movement data for grids around major interstate roadways across the U.S. Converting that information into a powerful visual tool, through our SCOUT platform, users can turn on any of our thematic layers to visualize this data and quickly spot areas of opportunity. Select any of the following visualizations:

  • Percent Traveling North
  • Percent Traveling South
  • Percent Traveling East
  • Percent Traveling West
  • Average Daily Volume
  • Stopped Score – National
  • Stopped Score – State
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Our block group level thematic layers can help you understand where there are large concentrations of automobile owners for different categories. Understanding consumer automobile ownership patterns has never been simpler.

How It Works

We’ve indexed consumer automobile ownership data for all block groups in the U.S. and visualized those findings in SCOUT. Select the category you want to study to see shaded thematic layers on demand.

  • Electric Vehicles Count
  • Luxury Vehicle Percentage
  • Luxury Vehicle Count
  • Non-Luxury Vehicle Percentage
  • Non-Luxury Vehicle Count
  • Total Vehicle Count
  • Vehicles 10+ Years Old Count
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