Analyze mobile foot-traffic data with extreme precision

Create, analyze, and visualize mobile datasets for any place and see how results change over time. Use Buxton's household-level data and proprietary data methodologies to provide the most accurate, granular, and detailed view of visitors possible.

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Select ANY geography

Study any location
or area. Draw
custom polygons

Feedback in seconds

True on-the-fly
processing delivers
results fast


Understand visitor
characteristics through
household-level attributes

See look-a-likes

Go beyond visitor data.
Identify everyone in the
U.S. that looks like them

What is it

Easy-to-use enhanced mobile data

Use massive amounts of mobile data combined with Buxton's proprietary processes and household-level psychographic segmentation data to analyze consumer foot-traffic at any place and any time.

Massive Scale

Mobile data from billions of device signals updated daily

Historical Data

Analysis that reaches back to January 1, 2019

Clean & Accurate

Proprietary data cleaning and normalization methods

Buxton Enriched

Advanced attributes appended at household-level

How it works

Analyze observed visits at any location over time


Select study area

Draw custom polygons around any area. Data for the area will be processed on the fly.

Select the Begin and End Date

Select time period

Choose your beginning and end date back as far as January 1, 2019, and as recent as 72 hours.

Select a Daily Time Range
8:00 AM
6:00 PM

Select the daypart

Choose the time range for each day that you’d like to study or simply use all day.

Key Visitor Insights

Household Psychographic Segmentation 8.4%

American Royalty

Wealthy, influential and successful couples and families living in prestigious suburbs

Visitor Attributes

Who is visiting

Use household-level demographics and psychographic segmentation to know who is visiting.

  • Psychographic segmentation
  • Household composition
  • Economic circumstances
  • Housing & living
Spatial Analysis

From where

View insights into the home and work locations of visitors as point based (dots) or density based geography thematics.

  • Visitor home & work locations
  • Thematic visualization
  • View visits or visitor data
  • Adjust ranges and thresholds
Interactive report

Share it with anyone

Take action. Send an interactive report to anyone and let them use the same tools to analyze your results.

Advanced Analysis

Add results to your SCOUT map

View your Mobilytics results as a layer on the SCOUT map and use all of SCOUT's spatial tools and data to identify insights and make confident decisions.

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Privacy Statement

We care about consumer privacy. All visitor home and work locations are geographically shifted to a small degree and we won't return results unless there are a minimum of 50 unique devices observed in your selected study area.