Analyze and attract brands to any property

Assess any selected retail, restaurant, or consumer services brand at any property in the U.S. Use mobile data to compare visitors at the brand’s current locations to your property’s trade area. Present a compelling case to prospective tenants with data-driven success metrics.

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Massive Mobile Data

Mobile data from billions
of device signals updated
daily and as recent as 72 hours ago

Compare Key Metrics

Analyze and present
the most important
metrics brands use in
site selection

True Trade Area

See the true trade area
of locations based on home locations of
actual mobile devices observed

Dynamic Sales Pitch

Output and edit an
interactive report to
open doors with data

How it works

Compare actual observed visits at any site to visits at a brand's locations

Use massive amounts of mobile data combined with Buxton's proprietary processes and household-level psychographic segmentation data to analyze consumer foot-traffic at any place and selected times.

  • Pick any location or site to analyze
  • Select a geography to compare against
  • Select a targeted brand
  • Select a time range for comparison
Simple and powerful

Easily identify matches with key metrics

Interactive results are presented as benchmark index numbers that are easy enough for anyone to understand. Quickly visualize and compare the key metrics brands are looking at. Red is poor. Yellow is average. Green means great. It’s that easy.


Actual Customer
Volume Index

How do these sample brand locations compare against all the brand’s locations?

108 Index

Potential Customer
Volume Index

Are there enough of the right household types in your location’s true trade area?

185 Index

Potential Customer
Concentration Index

What percentage of all trade area households do potential customers represent?

123 Index

Potential Customer
Similarity Index

How similar is the mix of households around your location to the selected brand’s locations?

113 Index
Locations Analyzed

See your location’s true trade area versus the brand’s sites

Psychographic Profile

Compare lifestyle and behavior attributes

For site selectors, demographics don’t cut it. View the psychographic make-up of the households in your site’s trade area next to the brand’s sites. Compare the primary, secondary, and non-core households.

  • Household-level data
  • Lifestyle and behavior attributes
  • Side-by-side comparison
Your Potential Site
810 Main Street
Orangetheory Fitness
83 Sample Sites
Potential Customer Similarity

Prove your site is a match for the brand with data

Compare the potential customer similarity of your site to the brand’s sites using household composition, economic circumstances, and housing and living metrics.

Household Consumption Bar Chart

Household Composition

  • Marriage
  • Presence of Children
  • Number of Persons
  • Head of Household Age
  • Race and Ethnicity
Economic Circumstances Bar Chart

Economic Circumstances

  • Household Income Levels
  • Household Education Levels
Housing & Living Bar Chart

Housing & Living

  • Dwelling Type
  • Own vs. Rent
  • Length of Residence
How you execute with smart data

Add site details and share an interactive report

Add and edit your site's details by uploading photos, site plans, maps, and more. Quickly and easily share the same interactive report you use with anyone via link, email, LinkedIn, or Twitter.

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Privacy Statement

We care about consumer privacy. All visitor home and work locations are geographically shifted to a small degree and we won't return results unless there are a minimum of 50 unique devices observed in your selected study area.