Buxton Acquires Elevar to Create Data Powerhouse for Omnichannel Insights and Customer Engagement

Buxton Acquires Elevar to Create Data Powerhouse for Omnichannel Insights and Customer Engagement

We are thrilled to announce our acquisition of Elevar, a dynamic conversion tracking solution for fast-scaling e-commerce brands.  

Revolutionizing the Customer Experience 

Three decades ago, Buxton redefined the realm of customer analytics by incorporating psychographics and buying behaviors, providing businesses with a holistic understanding of their customers. Elevar, since its inception, has been empowering e-commerce brands with a comprehensive conversion tracking solution that optimizes ad campaigns and maximizes customer re-engagement. 

This strategic acquisition marks a pivotal moment in the evolution of data-driven insights and shapes the future of customer engagement across all channels.  

"Understanding customers and predicting their needs is critical for consumer-oriented businesses to thrive in today's omnichannel, rapidly changing environment," emphasized Jim Swift, CEO at Buxton. "Elevar and Buxton both place customer journey and behavioral analytics at the core of their products. While our platforms have historically varied in approach, our complementary capabilities are a winning combination. As an omnichannel powerhouse, we aim to deliver intelligence that can help to shape the future of both online and in-store experiences." 

Introducing a New Era of Customer-Centered Relationships  

The acquisition deepens our commitment to customer-centricity, ushering in an era of unparalleled insights that foster a perpetual, interactive exchange between brands and customers. This partnership enables a profound understanding of buyers and their behavior, allowing companies to provide invaluable intelligence and conversion events to leading marketing platforms, boosting engagement across omnichannel touchpoints. 
"As the lines of in-store and online shopping continue to blur, we believe this synergy will enable our customers to orchestrate extraordinary customer journeys and true personalized one-to-one marketing," noted Brad Redding, CEO and Founder of Elevar. 

The combination of Elevar’s data capture ingenuity and Buxton’s analytics prowess unlocks powerful consumer understanding, and the integration with Shopify and other POS and marketing systems empowers marketers to act on that information seamlessly. Moving forward, Buxton will continue to focus on delivering AI powered intelligence solutions to brands. 

We are excited to start this next chapter. Join us on this thrilling journey to elevate customer experiences!