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Built for speed and accuracy.


Make leasing recommendations based on the actual customer base for each property and brand. 


Vet properties faster and match tenants to the right vacancies. 


Increase your local market knowledge with in-depth insights on property visitors.


We purchase, clean, and combine 600+ data sets in a SOC II secure environment.


Trusted by thousands of brands to credibly score millions of sites each year.


Whether you represent one location or thousands, get the answer you need in one fast, powerful, and easy-to-use platform.

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Finding the perfect tenant just got a lot easier.

Built for speed and accuracy.

Make decisions with confidence.


Identify properties and potential tenants based on any footfall measurement. Score properties by traffic, market share, growth rate, and engagement metrics. Conduct due diligence by benchmarking target property dominance vs. the competition.


Know a prospect's business better than they do. Demonstrate key metrics about the property and its tenants. Understand the competitive landscape with visibility into nearby properties.


Land key customers with insight-led pitches. Create undisputable sales material with stunning visuals and reports. Highlight a property's unique attributes and future potential.


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