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Sell-Side Transaction

Present trusted, third-party analysis of your portfolio firm’s growth opportunities to potential investors.

How can I present a convincing case to prospective investors of my portfolio firm’s growth potential? 

When it’s time to sell one of your portfolio companies, you need evidence of the firm’s potential to maximize the transaction price. While operating metrics and financial returns are important, they don’t reveal the complete story of a firm’s opportunities.

We provide you with a credible whitespace analysis. 

Buxton’s sell-side transaction solution supports transactions in the retail, restaurant, consumer services, hospitality, and retail health industries by providing a credible whitespace analysis for presentation to potential investors. The analysis is based on your firm’s customer and transaction data combined with other relevant datasets that explain performance. Identify your firm’s true growth potential to guide IPOs, acquisitions by other private equity firms, and/or sales to other strategic buyers. 

Buxton's customer analytics are the secret weapon behind today's top brands.

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How We Do It

| We develop a performance model.

Following a thorough debrief with your team, Buxton conducts an in-depth, data-driven analysis to determine trade area attributes that best explain your portfolio company’s top line performance. These attributes might include factors such as customer profile, competitive intensity, complimentary cotenants, area draw, vehicular traffic counts, and more. 

| We conduct a whitespace analysis.   

The resulting statistical model is then used to identify the market-level potential for new units that meet your required “go forward” performance threshold, which is reported on in detail via PowerPoint, Excel, and sample maps. Buxton’s reporting is frequently cited in both investor presentations and SEC filings.

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