Whitespace Analysis for Sell-Side Private Equity

Prove the runway for a brand and invest with confidence based on accurate valuations. 

A whitespace analysis proves the runway for target companies and existing holdings by providing insight into the size of the company in terms of unit count and network-wide sales at maturity. This analysis can be conducted at the local market level or nationwide for companies in the retail, restaurant, hospitality, consumer services, and healthcare industries. Buxton’s sophisticated methodologies, extensive data, and substantial resources provide a competitive advantage to our clients during the transaction. 


To conduct the analysis, Buxton first develops a site score model that accounts for variables that influence performance, such as customer segmentation, location performance data, competition, cotenants, area draw, and other factors. The model is used to identify trade areas that could reasonably support new locations that are expected to perform at or above the “go forward” performance threshold.

Output & Utilization

The final deliverable includes reports documenting the methodology, findings, and counts of current and potential locations. Buxton will also provide supporting maps and/or deploy the recommendations to SCOUT for visualization.  

Data Requirements

To the extent available, you provide data such as: Unique location names and addresses, performance metric (often revenue) by month, location open and close dates, customer/patient names and addresses, customer/patient transaction or visit history  

Buxton provides: Competitor locations, supply and demand data, consumer demographic/psychographic data, and other variables as needed (e.g. healthcare payer data) 

*Your Buxton representative will work with you to discuss the available data and methodologies if the subject company’s data is limited.  


The whitespace analysis requires an underlying site score model, which can be developed simply for the purpose of conducting the analysis or finalized for deployment to SCOUT at a later date.

If desired, the whitespace analysis results may be deployed to SCOUT for ongoing visualization. 

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