Identify Growth Potential

Buy-Side Due Diligence for Private Equity

Identify the incremental growth potential of a target firm to make confident, informed investment decisions.

What’s the true growth potential of my target firm? 

The due diligence period preceding an acquisition is a critical time for private equity firms. When every day counts, how can you quickly gain an accurate view of the target firm’s growth potential to make the right investment decision?

Validate growth potential and guide more accurate valuations. 

Buxton’s buy-side due diligence solution is designed to give private equity firms unbiased, third-party insights into the new unit opportunity of target firms in the retail, restaurant, consumer services, hospitality, and retail health industries. Validate a firm’s potential to guide more accurate valuations and negotiations, assist in securing financing, and maximize your investments. 

Buxton's customer analytics are the secret weapon behind today's top brands.

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How We Do It

| We develop a top line performance model.  

Buxton’s buy-side due diligence solution begins by analyzing and modeling trade area attributes that best explain top line performance of the company you are pursuing. These attributes might include customer profile, competitive intensity, complimentary cotenants and area draw, consumer spending, vehicular traffic counts and various other demographic, psychographic, financial, and behavioral factors.

| We conduct a whitespace analysis.      

The resulting model is iteratively passed over thousands of verified retail/restaurant/healthcare activity points, ultimately yielding a whitespace analysis that identifies market level capacity at a desired performance threshold and maximum acceptable unit-to-unit cannibalization level.

What does the buy-side due diligence solution do for you?

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