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Discover a new approach to making critical investment decisions. Buxton is transforming the way hospitality brands manage and grow their business through custom analytics and cutting-edge technology.

Trusted by thousands of organizations to make decisions and grow.

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In today's competitive hospitality industry, time is money. Every business decision matters more today than ever. Buxton provides the consumer, location, and market insights you need to make smart development, acquisition, disposition, and marketing decisions. Plan smarter. Develop faster. Guide your brand to success with Buxton.

How we help our hospitality partners.

Select the right sites for new locations to maximize ROI.

Buxton’s bespoke site selection models and demand generator insights, guide you to the markets, trade areas, and specific sites that present the ideal opportunities for growth. Open home run, new locations and avoid expensive mistakes.

Research potential acquisitions with confidence.

Understand foot traffic trends and guest profiles at the property level with Mobilytics. Let Buxton’s data sets inform your next due diligence process.

Gain competitive intelligence.

Wish you could understand how your property’s guest profile and visitor traffic compares to a competitor’s? We can give you the “inside scope” so you can establish performance benchmarks and monitor industry trends.

Manage your property network.

There’s no better way to manage your existing property network and future development than with a map. Our classic SCOUT application empowers you to keep all your relevant files in a clean, interactive, map-based interface.

Attract more guests.

Selecting the right locations is only half the battle. Buxton can help you to understand who your property’s best visitors are and find more consumers who look just like them. Improve the efficiency and effectiveness of your marketing campaigns through targeted outreach.

Why choose Buxton?

Buxton is a trusted advisor and source of truth for organizations across multiple industries. Here are just a few of the reasons why some of the world’s largest and fastest-growing hotel brands choose to work with Buxton.

  • Our experience: With a history dating back to 1994, Buxton is the most experienced firm in the consumer analytics industry. We’ve tackled tough research questions for thousands of organizations and are ready to bring that expertise to you.
  • Our support: As a company originally founded by retailers for retailers, Buxton places a high value on customer service. We pride ourselves on superior customer support.
  • Our technology: Buxton offers a proprietary, user-friendly platform unlike anything else available to the hospitality industry today.
  • Our depth: With millions of dollars riding on each investment decision, we know that having the best data possible matters. Our household-level intelligence gives you confidence in each decision.
Our Experience Our Support Our Technology Our Depth

We’re looking at SCOUT on a daily basis to see where our opportunity markets are, to see where there’s unmet demand for a new hotel, and then to see what part of the market is the best place to be. Buxton’s analytics and approach to the business give us a lot of confidence in recommending them.”

- Marriott International


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