Editions for Commercial Real Estate

Pick the edition that's right for you

Buxton offers three great editions of SCOUT for the commercial real estate industry. Pick the edition that’s right for you and customize your platform with add-on tools and services.

Starter Edition

Manage your existing and pipeline properties and store files associated with each location. Visualize your properties and overlay custom internet search results to create interactive map views that you can digitally share.

    Supported modules:
  • Match
  • Mobilytics
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Lite Edition

Access instant, detailed demographics of households anywhere and collaborate with your colleagues on map layers, files, and data. With the Mobilytics add-on, visualize and quantify “look-a-likes” anywhere to find potential customers.

    Supported modules:
  • Match
  • Mobilytics
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Pro Edition

Visualize and analyze your data in conjunction with a wide variety of Buxton’s datasets, as well as run reports, develop business strategies, and empower your organization with in-depth insights about consumers and markets.

    Supported modules:
  • Match
  • Mobilytics
  • Healthcare Data Package
  • Automated Site Score
    Models for Healthcare
  • Custom services, including
    custom site score models
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Features Starter Edition Lite Edition Pro Edition
View maps
View daypart traffic layers
Upload and view files tied to a location or pushpin
Query any geography to learn where specific locations, pushpins, and territories are located and generate counts with My Market. In Pro edition, also query competitors and cotenants
Bookmark, geolocate, print, access a ruler tool, share, split maps, and manage map setting through the Tool Bar
Map, save, and organize geographies as territories
Tag pipeline locations using lifecycle feature
Filter locations
Edit locations from the map (all editions) or data bar (Pro edition only)
Get quick counts and map points of interest layers within any geography using the Demand Analysis tool
Save map layers to favorites
Chat with support and access the Knowledge Base
Analyze households in a trade area
Collaborate on territories
Collaborate on pushpins
Collaborate on location filters
Access the Segmentation Guide to dive deeper into characteristics of each Mosaic consumer segment
Explore a geography to learn about trade area demographics
View locations of potential customers
View locations of actual customers
Explore a location to learn about sales and actual customer data
Import and manage your own store, territory, and pushpin data through My Data
Access a mobile friendly version for on-the-go access
Run standard reports on consumers and markets
Map Buxton datasets on consumers and markets
View and store areas of interest – miscellaneous map layers
View competitors and cotenants
Get quick counts of select businesses in an area and map them using the Business Analysis tool
View report history for collaboration
View your sales performance data

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