Buxton Rolls Out Next Generation of Mobile GPS Data Analytics

The all-new Mobilytics application answers more questions on demand and joins a growing lineup of other mobile GPS, data-based products from the trusted analytics innovator. 

FORT WORTH, TEXAS (December 6, 2021) — Mobile GPS data is making waves as a new way to measure foot traffic. The data pioneer, Buxton, is pushing the industry forward with its latest version of Mobilytics. The all-new Mobilytics empowers users to answer both brand-level and location-level business questions with unique household-level insights.    

“Mobilytics is revolutionizing the way commercial real estate, retail, hospitality and tourism decision makers benchmark traffic, analyze their competition and understand their customer base,” said Tom Buxton, Founder and CEO of Buxton. “By going beyond basic foot traffic counts and combining that data with household-level insights, Mobilytics makes it possible to answer more questions with more depth than any other product on the market.” 

Mobilytics is part of a growing family of mobile data-based products from Buxton, each designed to answer unique questions. 

  • Mobilytics

A premier analytics application that uses Buxton’s proprietary processes to identify and report on the types of consumers visiting designated areas, where they come from and visit volumes for selected time periods. The latest version includes both brand-level and location-level insights for more than 4,500 brands. 

A free foot traffic analysis tool that allows users to study locations for thousands of retail brands on-demand through an intuitive dashboard. 

  • Match 

A premier analytics application that determines whether a brand is a match for a property by comparing the property’s visitors to the brand’s actual customers. 

  • Pulse  

A free dashboard that provides instant insights into overall brand and industry-level traffic trends by county, market, state or nationally. 

“Mobile GPS data is a helpful tool, but its real value emerges when it is combined with other data sets,” said Phillip Crow, Senior Vice President of Product Development at Buxton. “We are proud to offer the most advanced application on the market today.” 

To learn more about the new Mobilytics, request a demo or book a meeting with Buxton at ICSC’s Here, We Go event December 5-7, 2021, at the Las Vegas Convention Center. 

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