Improve Existing Facility Performance

Portfolio Audit

Identify opportunities to add service lines at existing facilities to maximize performance and improve return on investment.

How can I maximize the return on my current portfolio of facilities?

Are you maximizing utilization of your existing facilities, or are you leaving opportunities on the table?

Understand facility opportunities by service line.

Buxton’s Portfolio Audit Solution takes the guesswork out of facility investment by providing an unbiased, data-driven assessment of the additional service line potential at your facilities. Identify opportunities to add new service lines at your existing facilities to maximize revenue and improve asset utilization.

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How We Do It

Service Line Opportunity Assessment

Each audit begins by developing a patient profile for your service lines of interest and integrating them into service line models, which combine demand, competition, and other relevant variables to define potential. We use the models to score the existing facilities that do not currently offer those services to determine which locations may be good candidates for additional service lines.

Facility Level Strategy

You can explore and analyze each facility’s trade area further using the models, patient profiles, and other healthcare reporting tools in SCOUT, an application in the Buxton Analytics Platform.

Solution Features

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