Customer Value Model

Find sites with the right concentrations of customers to avoid costly mistakes.

What is it?

Like all of Buxton’s site selection solutions, the Customer Value Model provides confidence in important growth decisions but is tailored for the needs of brands with fewer than 20 locations. Each model leverages our proprietary customer value scoring methodology to help you find sites with the greatest customer potential and benchmark them to your existing locations.

What will the Customer Value Model do for me?

Understand who your best customers are and where more like them are located.

The heart of this solution is a customer profile that combines your customer data with Buxton’s household-level consumer information. No data? No problem! The model can leverage a profile developed on Buxton’s industry expertise.

Analyze where customers come from and how their value decays.

How far does the average customer drive to visit one of your locations? Buxton defines your drive-time trade area and identifies how a customer’s lifetime value decays the farther away they are from your site.

Compare potential sites with confidence.

The Customer Value Model generates a customer value score for each site you study. Customer value scores are indexed scores that allow you to compare existing and potential sites based on the proximity of core customers to each site.

Integrate the solution with other Buxton products.

Use the Customer Value Model to conduct a potential analysis to determine the best potential markets and trade areas for expansion, and deploy the tool to SCOUT for one-click scoring.

Buxton's customer analytics are the secret weapon behind today's top brands.

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