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We created the customer analytics industry in 1994 and continue to pioneer its improvement and evolution over time.

who, where, value.

During his two-decade long retail career, Tom Buxton began to observe something seemingly simple, but ultimately profound – most people don't have any idea who their customer is.

Believing that any retailer could achieve greater success and growth by understanding its customer and that there is a science behind identifying who that customer is, where potential customers live, and which customers are the most valuable, Tom Buxton set out to prove his methodology. In 1994, using seed money from his own pocket, he started Buxton, pioneering customer analytics companies.

This core business premise – who, where, value ­– led Buxton to become an industry force within its first year, with top retail brands using Buxton's data and analytics for site selection.

Fast forward more than 25 years and 5,000 clients later and Buxton is still the leader in growth strategies across numerous industries, thanks to its vast data resources and proprietary technologies. Buxton continues to push the boundaries for customer analytics companies and clients, bringing new methodologies and technology to its clients. The focus of the company continues to evolve and expand, keeping the entrepreneurial spirit that Buxton was founded on alive and well.

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Tom Buxton has always said...
“There's no such thing as a great company. Great people make companies great.”

That's why Buxton's unique culture is centered around its core values that personify the daily life at Buxton.

I will deliver “WOW” through service.


Be involved.

Honest & clear communication.

Be Passionate.

Be humble.

Make a difference.

Pursue growth & learning.



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