Customer Analytics: An Investment Worth Making

Caught in the midst of a struggling economy, several retailers and restaurant chains are cutting back on expansion and looking for ways to increase ROI within their existing networks. One of the many ways to do so is the allocation of resources to a more targeted form of marketing, which becomes more efficient with the power of customer analytics.

Well-known sub shop Quiznos has recently implemented a new marketing strategy with their “Million Sub Giveaway.” Quiznos is giving consumers free sub sandwiches in return for a portion of customer data including name, e-mail address, zip-code, birth date, sex, and favorite menu item. Explicit on the website is a statement that “Entrants will automatically be entered into the Quiznos Q-Club marketing database.”

Quiznos is investing one million sub sandwiches to understand who and where their customers are in order to reach them more efficiently. How long before every retailer in the country realizes that an investment in customer analytics may be the safest one out there given the current state of the economy?

Jeff is a Research Analyst at Buxton and loves Quiznos.

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