Analytics Unplugged Episode 1: Decoding Ethics in Artificial Intelligence

Analytics Unplugged Episode 1: Decoding Ethics in Artificial Intelligence

In the most recent episode of Analytics Unplugged, Gene Schoepp, the principal evangelist and AI ethicist for Buxton, unravels the intricate web of ethical considerations surrounding artificial intelligence. Beyond the buzzwords, Schoepp challenges us to reflect on our individual roles in the ethical tapestry of AI, prompting a deeper consideration of our personal responsibility. 

"At the end of the day, it's a duty of care. It's a duty of care that we have to that data," Schoepp asserts, urging us to internalize the ethical duty entwined with our use of AI. As you tune in, ponder your own relationship with data – the information that fuels AI. How do you wield this power, and what measures do you take to ensure its ethical stewardship? 

The exploration extends beyond data to the pervasive issue of bias. Schoepp illuminates the risks and underlines the pressing need to confront bias in AI algorithms. Reflect on your encounters with AI in healthcare, finance, and beyond. How can you actively contribute to dismantling biases, fostering fairness in the algorithms that shape our digital experiences? 

The conversation doesn't stop there; it extends into the environmental footprint of AI. Picture the vast computational power driving sophisticated AI processes – a power demanding an environmental toll. Consider the sustainability of our technological advancements and your role in mitigating their impact on the planet. 

Join us in this thought-provoking episode as Gene Schoepp dives deep into the ethical realm of AI, going beyond the mere technicalities. It's not just about algorithms and computations; it's about you and your responsibility in the ethical dance with AI. Because in this evolving world of innovation, the question isn't just about what AI can do – it's about what you will do with AI.