How Patient Analytics Drives Healthcare Success

image of Buxton's Patient Analytics Engine Process - including market planning, marketing, service lines, operations to feed the engine

What does patient analytics mean?

Patient analytics is the use of data from a combination of sources to give you a more comprehensive understanding of who your best patients are, where those patients and others like them are located and the value of those patients to your business.

Patient analytics solutions come in a variety of forms. While some types of solutions rely on pre-built models, others combine your data with third party data sets to construct a custom solution. These custom solutions are designed to address your unique growth concerns and goals.

How does patient analytics support my healthcare practice?

Your patients are the foundation of your business, and patient analytics is the engine that drives growth strategies across your organization, from the C-suite to analysts.

Market planning. With patient analytics, determine how many facilities a market can support, where facilities should be located in new markets and the best opportunities to infill existing markets.

Marketing. Move from mass-marketing messages to tailored messages delivered to your best patients through the mediums they prefer, whether that be digital, direct mail or both.

Service Lines. Considering expansion into new service lines? Let patient analytics help guide your decision by evaluating the best opportunities for your unique healthcare offering.

Operations. Enhance operations at the facility level through patient analytics. Identify underperforming facilities, candidates for relocation and opportunities to increase facility potential.

What can I learn through ongoing patient analytics insights?

Patient analytics is not a one-time resource. Patient analytics will continually drive important business decisions by delivering ongoing intelligence through reporting and data visualization to guide future decisions. Through constant evaluation and keeping a pulse on your patients and competitors, you can achieve success by leveraging the patient analytics engine. 

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