Papa John’s Takes Super Bowl Gamble

Papa John's is Genius!  In an announcement this morning, they said the company will give away a free pizza and Pepsi to thousands of people if the coin toss in the Super Bowl is "heads."

To win a free pizza and Pepsi all you have to do is sign up for Papa John's loyalty program online – if you have done so before the Super Bowl, and the coin toss turns up heads, you win!  What an inventive way to collect data on your customers, which you can then analyze to produce solutions that will help you get more dollars out of existing customers and efficiently and effectively find new ones.

At first blush, this may sound like an expensive proposition for Papa John's.  If the coin toss turns up heads, and thousands of people have signed up for their loyalty program, it could cost the company a lot of money in free pizza.  But, the money spent pales in comparison to the value that this data can provide Papa John's as they look to grow their business.  If they take advantage of that data collected, and profile it and develop solutions to take action of the data, they will acquire more customers and grow sales at their existing locations.  It can also help them pick new potential locations – making sure they are around the highest concentrations of good potential Papa John's customers.

AND – that money spent in free pizza is only true if the coin toss turns up "heads"!  If the coin toss turns up "tails" then they get all that great data for FREE!  I love to see creativity like this.  Way to go Papa John's.

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