Optimizer for Healthcare

Explore market optimization scenarios to plan your organization’s real estate roadmap.

Optimizer outlines multiple expansion scenarios in a specific geography – whether that’s a state, a region, or an entire country. It uses your site score model, a range of minimum sales forecasts, and a range of maximum cannibalization overlap tolerance thresholds to determine how many locations the geography can support and the optimal placement of each based on the selected thresholds. Optimizer can be configured to either optimize around existing locations (infill) or without reference to existing locations (whitespace).

Optimizer is sold on a subscription basis. The scenarios are maintained to be relevant throughout the term of your Buxton agreement.

Output & Utilization

SCOUT users can view the Optimizer scenarios by selecting different thresholds to see instantly how trade area recommendations change. We also provide a summary file of how many locations each market can support by scenario.

Data Requirements

You provide data such as: Current performance data to inform threshold ranges 

Buxton provides: Current site score model, threshold ranges based on your current data 


Optimizer requires a completed Buxton site score model to configure the analysis and a SCOUT subscription to visualize the results.

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