Custom Segmentation by Buxton 

Custom Segmentation

Support critical marketing decisions and improve ROI with Buxton's custom segmentation solution.  

How many distinct groups exist within your organization’s patient/customer base? In a custom segmentation analysis, Buxton analyzes your consumer records to identify the most important personas for your organization. The result is actionable insights to improve your marketing efforts, such as media consumption and marketing preferences. Move from mass-marketing to messages tailored to each consumer segment.

With custom segmentation, you can segment consumers based on actual behaviors rather than propensities. Each custom segment, or persona, typically spans multiple psychographic segments. Once you understand who your patient/customer personas are, we can show you look-a-like consumers who have the same characteristics as your various patient/customer personas.

Output & Utilization

The custom segmentation analysis results include a summary delivered via PowerPoint highlighting key take-aways, persona definitions, number of personas, and key findings about the relationship between personas and performance. Additionally, Buxton provides detailed data supporting persona classifications in Excel format, including quantitative scores for each major attribute by ZIP code or ZIP code + 4 depending on appropriate granularity.   

Data Requirements

You provide data such as: First and last names and addresses 

Buxton provides: Household-level consumer demographic/psychographic data and other variables as needed 


Custom segmentation is a one-time deliverable and requires no further implementation.  

Buxton's customer analytics are the secret weapon behind today's top brands.

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