Scenario Scoring

 Score multiple sites to evaluate the net effect of real estate openings and relocations. 

Scenario scoring is a customized SCOUT-based reporting enhancement that allows clients to use their forecasting site score models to understand the net effect of simultaneous store openings or relocations. By scoring up to 10 locations per scenario, you can test different market planning options to identify the best strategy. 

Scenario scoring differs from traditional, single site scoring by evaluating more than one location at a time. While single site scoring allows you to understand how a new site interacts with existing sites, Scenario scoring allows you to evaluate the impact of changing multiple sites simultaneously. The result is a more complete view of what will happen when multiple network changes occur. 

Output & Utilization

Buxton’s team will configure the scenario scoring reporting tool using the forecasting site score model previously developed for you. The tool will be deployed to SCOUT for on-demand access. Users select up to 10 current or potential locations to study in the scenario. The output is a report outlining the net gain or loss in performance for the scenario, as well as individual site score sheets for the locations evaluated. 

Data Requirements

Buxton provides: Your previously developed forecasting site score model


Scenario scoring requires previous development of a consumer profile and forecasting site score model. A SCOUT subscription is required to access the scoring tool. 

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