Answers for Healthcare Growth

Healthcare providers grow market share through consumer analytics.

In this video, hear how proactive healthcare organizations are utilizing consumer analytics for site selection, service line optimization, and targeted marketing. Consumer analytics is driving strategy around opening new locations and maximizing visits at existing facilities.

>> BILL: It’s an understatement to say that healthcare is going through a significant amount of change. And one of the biggest and most important changes is how the customer is more and more in control of his or her healthcare decisions. And that is creating a turning point. [intro music] >> BILL: A turning people that will see some companies win big, and still others lose even bigger. Which side will your company end up on? The one’s that truly understand everything about their customers are the ones that are going to win big, and Buxton can help you make that happen. Because when you understand who your customers are, and not just demographics, but how they live their lives and spend their money, how they behave as consumers of healthcare, you can find where everyone looks just like those customers live, down to the household level, and what the value of what each of those prospective patients represents to an existing or potential outpatient facility. Once this customer insight is developed, it lets you get the best answers possible for your questions around. Real Estate Site Selection: Know where you need to build locations that will maximize ROI and box out competitors. Targeted Marketing: Know which prospective patients you need to talk to and with what message. Service Line Optimization: Add new revenue streams into an existing facility by understanding where you have high demand. Operations: Know which locations are under performing their forecasted demand. Buxton provides you the ability to answer all of these questions in the easiest way possible, allowing you not just to stay alive in this changing competitive environment, but to thrive. Get the right answers, make great decisions, drive results. This is how you grow your business. Buxton, answers for growth. ​

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