Answers for Restaurant Growth

Restaurants that operate utilizing customer analytics will continue to stay ahead of their competitors and gain marketshare.

In this video, hear how restaurant operators are utilizing customer analytics for site selection, urban growth, nationwide expansion, targeted marketing, and to understand customers by daypart. Customer analytics is driving growth strategy around opening new locations, avoiding expensive misses and maximizing revenue at existing stores.

>> TIM WHITE: The worst thing that any restaurant can do whether it’s from a corporate perceptive or a franchise perspective is nobody wants to open a location that is going to fail. It’s extremely expensive. [intro music] >> TIM: Restaurant space right now is highly, highly competitive. A lot of folks just from the consumer side are starting to go out to eat more often, they’re spending more money, there’s more options. From a competitive landscape standpoint, it is extremely, extremely tight right now. Buxton can help you in a lot of different areas to make your business successful. Site Selection: understanding where you should go and where you should not go. What is your U.S. potential? How big can you be when you grow up? How should you grow in urban areas? Understand the differences between day parts. So, am I driven by night time traffic or daytime traffic? Is it lunch or dinner that is important? Understanding not only where you should go but how you should target market customers within your trade area, helping get ROI from a marketing perspective. Also, understand on your existing portfolio where could you or should you be doing better that you’re not? Using analytics to help understand where I should grow within my existing portfolio. When we do all of the analytics, we cull it down to a very easy formula to understand of what drives performance. And the biggest piece of it is when we deliver our solution to you through SCOUT, all you have to do is push one button to get an answer. Our analytics prevents you from opening a bad location that will cost a lot of money and a lot of pain. Get the right answers, make great decisions, drive results. This how you grow your business. Buxton, answers for growth.

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