Hesperia, California Focuses on Retail Recruitment Strategy


Watch how this California city leverages consumer analytics for their retail strategy.

Hesperia, CA, a city with more nearly 440,000, partnered with Buxton to strengthen its strategy when recruiting and retaining new retailers. Hesperia has utilized Buxton in numerous ways, including understanding its demographic information and developing the materials retailers need to see when making site selection decisions. After one year of partnership, the city recruited Wal-Mart and Target, among others.

Rod: Hi, I’m Rod Yahnke I work for the city of Hesperia located in southern California

Lisa: Hi, I’m Lisa LaMere I work for the city of Hesperia in our Economic Development department.

Rod: The city of Hesperia is approximately 75 square miles, it is very large geographically. The region,
or trade area if you will, is generally pushing 440,000 people. It’s actually
located right on Interstate 15, and that has afforded us an awful lot of
opportunities for retail attraction because obviously one of the things that
they enjoy the most is your traffic, your visibility, and so on and so forth. Hesperia
offers both of those aspects to any kind of retail development taking place.

We have utilize buxton in numerous ways. All the way from determining what our
individual demographic is, we’ve had such a very large change in our
demographic, which obviously changes the different retail type components or
venues that you go after. Then actually putting together marketing packages where we can go after those retailers that we do match up with.

Lisa: I think one of the things that we’ve learned from Buxton is what information
retailers want to see, what they need to see. And so we put together retail
booklets on an annual basis, that includes that information.

We source everything that we receive from Buxton, whether it’s the trade potential
numbers, demographics. We can sit there all day long and pat ourselves on the
back and tell people how wonderful the city is and how we are the best location
and they should be there, but we have Buxton to validate that, and so it only
makes sense to use much of that of the deliverables in our marketing material and
we are very glad to promote Buxton in that material.

Rod: We just have an absolute wonderful relationship and i honestly don’t think in all the years
that I’ve ever worked with, you know, a group of people that are more down to
earth, very genuine, extremely hard working, and incredibly intelligent in
being able to analyze the data and turn around and break it down into some very
common sense, you know, data point, which really helps somebody like myself and
a retailer determine whether or not they should be in a certain geographic
area, specifically where. They know exactly what their customers are going to
look like.

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