Why You Should Partner With Buxton

What Makes Buxton Different From Other Customer Analytics Firms?

We are often asked, "Why Buxton? Why should we partner with you for our growth strategy?" In this video Bill Stinneford, senior vice president at Buxton, explains that our experience, data, technology, and focus on putting customers at the center of operational strategy set us apart and make complicated analysis easy for your entire team to understand.

[intro music] >>BILL STINNEFORD: We get asked a lot, “Why Buxton?” “Why should we go with you?” “What makes you different?” So there’s a lot of things in that question… The first thing is that Buxton focuses on the customer. That’s the most important thing. We know who your best customers are and not just demographically, but how they live their lives, how they spend their money, how they behave as consumers. Once we know that, we can show you where everybody else that looks just like that lives down to the household level anywhere in the U.S. What the value of those potential customers is to an existing or potential location, that’s the foundation of everything that we do. The customer. The next thing, Buxton has unmatched data and technology. We invest millions of dollars in data and technology every year building tech that makes it easy for you to make decisions based on that data. We take a complex, confusing topic and make it simple and accessible for everyone in your organization. When you choose Buxton, you put customers at the center of your entire operation. Now your real estate strategies, marketing strategies, merchandising, operations are all making decisions based on who your customers truly are. Decisions that grow your business. Over the last two decades our team, our size, and our strength allow us to provide our partners with unmatched experience, personalized service, and tremendous results. We have more clients than anyone in the industry by far and our client list is growing every day. Our team understands your business better than anyone else, whether it’s retail, healthcare, restaurant, franchise, private equity, city government, as well as many other industries. Our success is driven by your success. Your success is driven by our customer analytics, our philosophy, our data and technology, our experience, and our team. That’s why you choose Buxton. Buxton: Answers for Growth.

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