Planet Fitness Achieves Franchise Development Success with Buxton

Planet Fitness analyzes sites for new franchise locations using SCOUT.

Planet Fitness, a gym that operates more than 1,300 locations, explains how it uses customer analytics and SCOUT in its franchise development and site selection efforts. Hear from Candace Couture about how Buxton has been the right partner for Planet Fitness' expansion efforts.

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>> CANDACE: My name is Candace Couture and I am the Director of Franchise Admissions at Planet Fitness, and my role is to sell franchises and new franchise locations and to improve new franchise locations for existing franchisees looking to open up new locations. We have 536 locations currently. We are going to open up over 100 more this year. And, we are in 47 states right now. We have to tell whether or not an area is going to work demographically before we can sell the franchise location, so I use the SCOUT software to run comprehensive demographic analysis. We are looking mainly at population in an area in one, three, five mile radius for example. We also look at highly Hispanic markets who have worked very well for us. We are going to look at race a little bit, ethnicity, income levels. We typically work well in a medium level income market, so we are making sure that we income levels aren’t so high that the area wouldn’t make since for us. And also, it interfaces with our billing software, which is very important to us because with our expansion across the country, we are starting to go into new markets and open up locations closer to each other. So we want to make sure that they are not cannibalizing on each other. And with our ability to interface with our billing software I can basically click on a store on the map on whatever locations and populate the map with all of our members so it’s crucial for us to have that data.

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